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Adjustable Lumbar Support
The soft PU lumbar support promotes a healthy back posture.Move the lumbar support up/down to find your comfort position.

With its simple, executive aesthetic, Invention is a stylish option for conference and board rooms. A chair of pronounced lines that frame a smooth leatherette back leading down to a chrome base, Invention has multiple ergonomic features hidden within its plush exterior.

Multilock Synchro Mechanism
A superior multilock synchro tilt creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one position to the next. Push the left-side lever forward/backward to unlock/lock reclining at multiple positions.

Designed to respond

Liberate re-imagines the way a chair should behave, responding to the user’s every movement to provide support at any angle. The chair is built with health orientated ergonomics in mind, featuring the unique DynaFlex system that provides intelligent feedback to the user. Featherlite has incorporated this technology into a product of seamless design that blends perfectly into the modern office environment.

The Optima is a high-performance chair that blends wellness and luxury.When you sit, Optima adapts to you by dynamically supporting your movements. The Optima back embodies an unprecedented responsiveness with intuitive feel that results from merging an intelligent mesh fabric with the chair back frame. A healthy body alignment is achieved as a result.

Designed to adapt

Opus is  equipped   with  an Asynchronous Lumbar Control Mechanism which perfectly fine tunes the lumbar support to give each user an astounding level of comfort. The self calibrate mechanism ensures optimal resistance is provided on the back recline angle for the perfect Ergonomic solution for prolonged hours of seating

Comfort that is sturdy and reliable. Pinnacle uses a unique multi-panel system to ensure every portion of the body is supported. The user’s legs, thighs, lower back, upper back and head are all offered their own comfort centre in the shapes and positions that the human body needs. Available in leather and in mesh, Pinnacle’s robust frame stands out as a stylish and effective addition to any workspace.

A simple, comfortable chair, stripped back to the basics to provide for your immediate needs. Hard, rigid arms and a smaller back give the user their required support and also make Smart great for use in smaller spaces. An excellent, comfortable chair for clients and visitors.

The Tycoon embodies luxury and comfort. It is upholstered with high grade leatherette which gives it a plush rich look. It is common in boardrooms, offices and homes alike.

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Designed for versatility

The smart task chair with its versatile design and simple to use controls makes this everyday chair the most sought-after product delivering great performance at an exceptional value. An in built lumbar support and options of a self calibrate mechanism that evenly distributes your weight in response to  your movement making it a people friendly choice for today’s demanding workforce.

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