Executive Tables

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Quality, Cost, and Time
Edge- designed to suit all your office needs. It is made to last, comes with a two year warranty, and is light on your budget. The very design of this product is such that it is extremely portable and easy to install. It is also possible to relocate, rearrange, and reassemble with great ease.

Unfussy and approachable, Integrate pairs down the classic office desk to its essentials. Providing everything the modern worker needs but with none of the complications, Integrate boasts a classic aesthetic with a modern twist. Angular legs and fixtures meet with beautiful pine surfaces in a piece of design that is both approachable and attractive. Integrate is made to fit in with modern open plan offices and compliment the light and airy spaces that most employees prefer to work in.

Taking its queue form the cutting edge of Scandinavian design, Senate is a desk inspired by the philosophies of minimalism and usability. Optimised to fit into and subtly enhance its environment, senate is a desk for the design focused consumer. By making fixtures such as cabinet handles inbuilt into the smooth dark wood cabinets, this desk emerges as an object of sleek, uninterrupted lines that speak of power in the workplace.

Reimagining the simple office desk as an object of refined sophistication, Signature is executive design at the top of its game. The desk pairs a smooth glass surface with angular, cubic cabinets in a display of contrasts that will make Signature the deserved centre piece of its environment. Although visually complex, Signature gives a streamlined user experience that focuses on practicality and space. A desk to make an impression and make life easy

Featherlite brings Versa Line to your workspace. A complete collection of durable, economical, flexible and stylish office desk/ storage units to make the work environment efficient and the work space more healthy and spacious.


The Less The Better 
Introducing Zen series, the new executive designs that harmonise space, form and function. Thoughtful, compact, yet sophisticated designs which offer apt and organised workspace. The relaxed colours combined with natural wood patterns deliver a pleasing experience at work.