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Quality, Cost, and Time
Edge- designed to suit all your office needs. It is made to last, comes with a two year warranty, and is light on your budget. The very design of this product is such that it is extremely portable and easy to install. It is also possible to relocate, rearrange, and reassemble with great ease.

A Masterpiece at Work

Your office is a reflection of your personality. Featherlite brings you Gamma, an executive desking system for those who value excellence and quality. Gamma can be arranged in a variety of sizes and configurations to reflect changing senior management work patterns. The highest quality of veneers have been chosen to give a visually unique product making an unmistakable statement of quality.

Featherlite brings Versa Line to your workspace. A complete collection of durable, economical, flexible and stylish office desk/ storage units to make the work environment efficient and the work space more healthy and spacious.