Work Stations

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Collaborate blends elegant design with functionality. The multi-faceted tubes give it a sharp, clean and angular look. It is designed to look beautiful and work perfectly, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging.

The Bravo is a classic task chair with emphasis on comfort and function. It excels in simplifying comfort


A high quality, versatile, tile based office system that is designed to deliver high levels of productivity. Neo workstations provide employees adequately private individual spaces with modern, customisable aesthetics.
Neo brings together elements of simplicity and functionality to generate a positive and creative workspace. The office space can be configured, as required, to incorporate open or semi- private areas that foster dialogues.

In a modern workplace, teamwork is key. In an environment where creativity and productivity work hand in hand, each employee needs a space that offers a balance between privacy and collaboration, efficiency and versatility. Featherlite offers ergonomic workstations that are designed to fulfil a client’s specific needs.

Specially designed to fit in with the requirements, as well as the ethos of every user’s workspace. At large, this workstation presents innovative, new ideas to maximize the use of working space while developing a well – organized, versatile, welcoming and open workplace. ‘Synergy’ workstations offers a professional and good-looking, uniform working space with a massive number of users. It maintains the desired level of productivity, despite the size of the workforce. It allows versatility and flexibility, can also accommodate different numbers of desks of any size.