Proven quality and durability, superior comfort, and timeless design. Click offers simplicity and support in a busy office environment. Finished with leatherette or fabric, Click has a well cushioned ergonomic back, a smart, professional look and all the features needed to work comfortably.


Single Lock Mechanism
Reclining is effortless. Switching from one position to another feels smooth and balanced.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
Allows for optimal lumbar support position for good back support and blood circulation.Move the chair back up/down to find your comfort position.This is achieved by opening/closing the back knob.

High Back- 23.2 kg
Medium Back- 22 kg

Depth- 48.5 cm
Width- 49.5 cm

Width- 64 cm
Depth- 59 cm
Minimum Height- HB: 107 cm; MB: 101 cm
Maximum Height- HB: 117 cm; MB: 111 cm
Minimum Seat Height- 42.5 cm
Maximum Seat Height- 54 cm
Width (Arm to Arm)- 47 cm
Arm Rest Height- 63 cm