Collaborate blends elegant design with functionality. The multi-faceted tubes give it a sharp, clean and angular look. It is designed to look beautiful and work perfectly, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging.


Inspiring Individuals, Integrating Teams

Collaborate takes engineering right to the edge. German precision tools are used to specially roll-form the tubes, and high pressure, die cast aluminium is used to form the joints. The result a beautiful, minimalist product with unparalleled levels of strength and stability.
Collaborate systems are designed to reduce visual clutter. The design features absolutely no visible hardware and the light, elegant lines of the structural components provide the perfect frame for shaping an open and inviting workplace.
With separate raceways for electrical and data cables. Technology management couldn’t be simpler and more efficient. Flip up ports reduce hassle and bring accessibility right to your fingertips. Collaborate systems are modular and easily flat packable. The product can be shipped anywhere across the globe and assembled with ease

Collaborate L

Designed for users that need a balance between privacy and interaction, the L-shaped arrangement of Collaborate provides employees with individual spaces that are ideal for working in groups. Workstations are customisable to fit in with the requirements, atmosphere and ethos of each client’s workspace.

Collaborate Linear

Providing a uniform, professional aesthetic for offices with a large number of users, Collaborate Linear maintains an environment where productivity is key. This arrangement is a sustainable, economic solution and maximises space potential