Comfort that is sturdy and reliable. Pinnacle uses a unique multi-panel system to ensure every portion of the body is supported. The user’s legs, thighs, lower back, upper back and head are all offered their own comfort centre in the shapes and positions that the human body needs. Available in leather and in mesh, Pinnacle’s robust frame stands out as a stylish and effective addition to any workspace.


Designed for well-being

Multilock Knee-Tilt Mechanism
The knee-tilt multilock mechanism makes you feel like you are sitting on a cushion of air as it creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one position to the next Push the left-side lever up/down to unlock/lock reclining at multiple positions.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
The lumbar support promotes a healthy back posture. Allows for optimal lumbar support position for good back support and blood circulation.Move the lumbar support up/down & forward/backward (by rotating the handles) to find your comfort position.


Depth- 51 cm
Width- 20.5 cm

Width- 71 cm
Depth- 69 cm
Minimum Height- 138 cm
Maximum Height- 130 cm
Minimum Seat Height- 56 cm
Maximum Seat Height- 50 cm
Width (Arm to Arm)- 51 cm
Arm Rest Height- 43 cm