The Tycoon embodies luxury and comfort. It is upholstered with high grade leatherette which gives it a plush rich look. It is common in boardrooms, offices and homes alike.

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Multilock Mechanism 
Reclining is effortless. Push the left-side lever up/down to unlock/lock reclining at multiple positions.

High Back- 18.5 kg
Medium Back- 17.5 kg

Width- 65.5 cm
Depth- 52.5 cm
Minimum Height- HB: 114 cm; MB: 99 cm
Maximum Height- HB: 124 cm; MB: 109 cm
Minimum Seat Height- 47 cm
Maximum Seat Height- 57 cm
Width (Arm to Arm)- 53 cm
Arm Rest Height- 67 cm